Ayurvedic Treatments

ABHYANGA-1 - (30minutes)

Benefits:Rejuvenates the whole body, reduces mental tension, weakness and improves vitality etc. Abhyanga means anointing (or applying) and massaging the body with a variety of medicated oils using (applying) different strokes.

ABHYANGA-2 - (60 minutes)

REJUVENATION - (l20 minutes)

A Treatment Ayurveda Marma Massage & herbal Ayurveda oils stimulating all the Marma points rejuvenates the whole body, head, neck & shoulder. Steam by foot, hand & scrub.

Benefits: This treatment strengthens muscles & ligaments and offers full body Relaxation.

SWEDANA - (10 minutes)

Benefits: Treatment of Joint pains, Muscle stiffness, Muscular dytrophy, Paralysis etc.

Swedana means sedation, applying heat energy to the body with various methods.

UDVARTHANA - (60 minutes)

Benefits: This employed in treating Obesity, Skin diseases etc. Udvarthana, means rubbing the whole body with various medicated powders, paste (in opposite direction) against the hair follicles.

KATI VASTI - (30 minutes)

Benefits: It is used to treat Slipped disc, Disc collapse, Lumbago, Sciatica etc.

JANU VASTI - (30 minutes)

Benefits: Treatment of Ostco Arthritis, Poly Arthritis of the knee etc.

GREEVA VASTI - (30 minutes)

Benefits: It is used to treat stiffness of Neck (Manya Stambha), Spondylitis, Frozen Arm Shoulder Syndrome etc.

SHIRODHARA - (60 minutes)

Benefits: It is beneficial in cases of sleep disturbances, Headache, Stress, Strain and many psychological problems.

BACK MASSAGE - (30 minutes)

Benefits: It relieves muscle tension & pain

This massage is focusing on the lower back, shoulder and neck.

FOOT MASSAGE - (30 Minutes)

Benefits: This treatment consists of corporate pressure point therapy that stimulates, clears and balances the body's internal organs.

HEAD SOOTHER - (30 minutes)

Benetlts: This stimulates the Marma points on the head, cools the scalp, stimulates hair growth & revitalizes.

Aroma Treatments

OLIVE OIL - (60 minutes)

Benefits: Olive oil with many types of essential oils to create an inexpensive healing of aromatic massage oil. Olive oil has very high levels of the antioxidant vitamins E and K which provide a defence mechanism that delays ageing and prevents carcinogenesis, atherosclerosis and liver disorders. It has very high levels of monounstautatedfats, 77%, along with high levels of oleic acid and it is these 2 components which are attributed with the ability to positively alter the ratio between good and bad cholesterol.

CREAM MASSAGE - (60 minutes)

Benefits: The realm of massage and bodywork has, at its core, the drive to make human beings simply feel better, physically and mentally. As a professional within the industry of healthy touch, helping your clients achieve a relaxed and pain-free state is likely at the top of your mind as you begin each session.

GEL MASSAGE - (40 minutes)

Benefits: Our herbal muscle massaging gel will however help reduces swelling and pain, while helping with the recovery of the injured or stiff limb. It will also assist with pain relief and is a great herbal massage gel to be used for sport injuries, or a rubdown to assist over¬taxed, sprained or strained muscles.

AROMA BODY THERAPY - (50 minutes)

Benefits: Useful for all without any distinction between young and old.

This keeps the person healthy by improving the blood circulation.

BODY SCRUBS -( 40 minutes)

It helps to breakdown the protein to digest dead cells on the skin surface to reveal a smooth soft texture.

Herbal Beauty Treatments

BODY WORKS (40 minutes)

Yoghurt Termeric

Herbal Body Polish

Cucumber Body Polish

Honey Sesame Body Polish

Coconut Delight

Salt & Spice

Tomato Sandal Wood

Rich Coffee & Fruit Juice

Fresh Fruit

Beauty Treatment

FACIALS (60 minutes)

Facial creams combine the purest botanical and finest massage ingredients to create the facial massage.

Aroma Facial

Gold Facial

Fruit Facial

Herbal Facial

Cucumber Facial

Natural Facial

Whitening Facial

Fresh Fruit Facial